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Moir's - A proud heritage


 The History of Moir's 

For almost 100 years Moir's has been a favourite in South African households, offering scrumptious treats for the whole family. Moir's rich history of delicious desserts and bakes started back in the nineteenth century when Scotsman John Moir founded a business making fruit-flavoured jellies that proved immensely popular. In fact, so successful were his jellies that the Moir's name was acclaimed in a dozen different countries and languages around the world.

Even Captain Robert Falcon Scott, on his heroic yet tragic expedition to the South Pole, was familiar with the name. When his abandoned base camp was discovered in the ice forty years later, cans of Moir's foods were found in perfect condition.

The first Moir's jelly to be produced in South Africa came from a factory in Woodstock just after the First World War. Instantly recognised for its fine quality, it inspired the introduction of other products. By 1950 Moir's had expanded so much that the company had to move to Ndabeni.

Today, Moir's is part of Pioneer Foods, the second biggest food group in the country, and Moir's is the leading brand when it comes to jellies, custards and instant puddings - indeed a delectable tradition!

Moir's tried and trusted range of baking products is synonymous with home baking in South Africa and includes baking powder, essences, food colourants, glacé cherries, glacé fruit and fruit mixes, citrus peel, desiccated coconut, bicarbonate of soda and ready to bake cake mixes. Building on this heritage, the tried and trusted brand has launched a range of classic biscuits in 2011. Some of South Africa's most loved biscuits are now available under the Moir's label - and the guarantee of only the very best quality in baking.