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Heavenly chocolate fridge tart

Heavenly chocolate fridge tart

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Mix the biscuit crumbs with the melted chocolate and press
onto the bottom of an 11 x 35 cm rectangular or 27 cm in diameter loose bottomed tart tin.
Prepare the mousse according to the instructions
on the packet but use 200 ml milk.
Pour into the prepared crust.
Drizzle the dark chocolate over and swirl into mixture using a knife.
Refrigerate until set.
Decorate with fresh mixed berries.

Chocolate and mint fridge tart
Replace the MOIR’S White Chocolate Mousse with MOIR’S
Chocolate Mint Mousse. Grate peppermint crisp over the tart instead of drizzling chocolate over.

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1 x 200 g packet MOIR’S Chocolate Dreams
100 g milk chocolate, melted
1 x 150 g packet MOIR’S White Chocolate Mousse
200 ml milk
50 g dark chocolate, melted
Mixed berries for decorating

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